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Three GREAT Year End Fundraising Emails

As the year winds down, I've been poring through the mountain of fundraising emails from organizations large and small.  There are tons of recurring trends...some bad, some good, and some stunning.  I just pulled three highlights from this week's inbox to feature here.  Would love to hear if you've tried these techniques for better or worse. Tell me in the comments, below.

#1 The Nature Conservancy

The Nature Conservancy Fundraising Email

I love this email for its simplicity. All the links in the body lead back to the donation form. The image they selected is winter-oriented (good for the folks who want to avoid being partial to one holiday or another). I was about to pass it over because I thought it would look bad on my phone or tablet. BUT, when you look at the mobile view, the thing stacks beautifully and preseves all of the links to the donation form.  Nice work TNC team!


#2 North Shore Animal League

North Shore Animal League Fundraising Email

This one's simple. I love that it leads with a value proposition that differentiates it from the tidal wave of simple "Make a donation" calls to action. Then, it uses rich images and buttons that link to a series of giving options associated with making lives better, healthier, and longer for cats and dogs.  In case you were wondering if adding animals to your appeals, check out Will's article on using puppies everywhere.  Nice work NSAL team. My only suggestion would be to make the email more reponsive on mobile devices!

#3 Human Rights Watch

Human Rights Watch Fundraising Email

This one is terrifically coordinated. Everything north of the hero image is perfect. At first it looks quite dense, but it's not.  The preheader call to action leads with the opportunity and a link to donate. The area just above the hero image includes the super effective match-based enticement and the big orange button cannot be missed.  Then, look at the compelling and personal photo of a family in need. This email is awesome. The only thing it's missing is a couple of puppies. Kidding, KIDDING PEOPLE! Great work, HRW team!


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