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December 21, 2015

2015 Dream Grant Winner Announced!

Weminuche Wilderness

The Dream Grant

Every year, digital marketing consultancy Strength in Members awards a dream grant to one of their employees providing up to $2,000 of funding to fulfill a lifelong dream.  Founder Peter Genuardi believes that the grant allows Strength in Members "to attract top talent and create a positive and inspiring work environment."  Last year, Adriana DiFranco, the lead copywriter for Strength in Members, received the grant and used it to fulfill her dream of dancing on Broadway.  You can watch her video here to learn more about her journey and how the dream grant saves lives.  

The 2015 Grant Winner

Jamie Finney - Nonprofit marketing specialist at Strength in Members

This year we are excited to announce that the grant was awarded to Jamie Finney, an analyst for Strength in Members.  Jamie grew up in Durango, Colorado and spent a lot of time in his youth skiing the San Juan mountains.  However, one of the places he was not able to explore was the Weminuche Wilderness, a vast and beautiful landscape that is challenging to enter and requires significant preparation and safety precautions.  Jamie wrote about his dream to plan a five day excursion deep into the wilderness in his application and received the grant which will cover his travel expenses, food and a one week 80 hour Wilderness First Responder course which is necessary since Jamie and his group will be days away from rescue or civilization.  When Jamie learned that he had won the grant he remarked "I was pretty shocked, I've been peering into these lines all my life, and come this spring, I get to ride the train back, camp amongst the peaks, and finally get some turns on Colorado's most dramatic peaks."  Jamie will document his trip and we will follow up with another blog post that highlights the ups and downs of fulfilling his dream.  A huge congratulations to Jamie and we wish him the best of luck on his quest to conquer the Weminuche Wilderness.  

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