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December 7, 2015

Five Great Charity Websites to Study

Spending the time and effort to develop a great charity website can be a huge step toward increase fundraising and growing your audience.  Furthermore, considering how hard non profit marketing can be, its important that when someone finally does browse your site that they are able to navigate easily, learn more about your organization and are able to donate.  Below are five examples that meet all three of these criteria and push the boundaries of what a charity website can be.

1. Charity Water 


The Charity Water website looks great right from the start and is incredibly easy to navigate.  In addition to the great design, another reason we love the charity website is because it encourages visitors to donate for someone else and encourages them to think of their friends and family when donating.  Creating these personal connections with donors is great for Charity Water's fundraising efforts. We also really liked how the website uses simple descriptions and pictures to explain things like why donating water is so important.  Finally, the site does a great job of using figures to communicate both the scale of the problem as well as the progress that charity water has made.  

2. World Wildlife Fund


The World Wildlife Fund's website uses a tiled approach which proves effective in helping visitors navigate the site and take in a lot of information about what WWF is doing, current related news and other issues.  Similarly to Charity Water, it is easy and clear to see how to donate on the homepage.  In addition to the great design, we picked WWF because of the clever way they broke down the issues into species and plants.  Each of these pages features valuable information about the animal and also includes a summary of the progress WWF has made toward saving it as well as a section for how a visitor to the website could help.  Overall, the WWF website is well designed and highly informative about their goals and the progress they have made.  

3. Vittana


We chose to include the Vittana website because of how it conveys a lot of information with a very simple and clear design.  The homepage is almost entirely one photo with only one sentence that attracts your attention and shows what the organization does.  Once you pass the homepage the site is easy to navigate and only has a few pages.  The graphs the organization uses on the website like the number of students per country and student growth over time communicate a lot of information quickly without excessive text.  Finally, on every page of the website, the link to donate at Kiva.org is easy to see and follow. 

4. (Red)


The (Red) website is interesting because its slightly different than all the other sites we have seen.  We liked how the home page is humorous with funny quotes from celebrities including founder Bono.  Unlike most charities, (Red) primarily focuses on selling branded products that support their cause and the website does a great job of showcasing these products throughout.  Finally, we loved the "Why Buy (RED)" page because of the awesome video, the descriptions of the drugs employed and how they work and finally the country by country summary of the impact (RED) has created.  

5. Livestrong Foundation


Last but not least we picked the Livestrong Foundation website because it has a couple of cool and effective features.  One of our favorites is the take action button in the navigation bar which allows visitors to donate like most websites but also presents a number of other ways they can get involved including volunteering at an event, becoming an advocate, allowing donations via Will and more.  Another feature we like was the Livestrong store which sells branded merchandise to help spread the cause.  Finally, we thought that the videos on the website showing how the Livestrong Foundation helps cancer survivors were particularly effective in demonstrating the value of the organizations work to a website visitor.  

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