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November 12, 2015

Five Unusual Charity Fundraising Ideas

Using Unusual Ideas to Fundraise:Unusual Charity Fundraising Ideas

One of our goals at Strength in Members is finding creative, unusal and wacky ways that organizations can raise money to support their cause.  We've often found that sometimes unusual approaches to non-profit fundraising can be the most effective in terms of dollars, donor prospects and publicity.  With that in mind, check out this short list of great unusual campaigns that turned non-profit fundraising on its head!

#1 Chilly Charity Plunges

Have donors pay to dress up and jump in frigid water to support their cause!  This charity fundraising event has been employed by 100's of organizations over the years with a great degree of success.  Check out the Alzheimer Association's event.

#2 Claim a Month for Your Charity, Like Movember

Have your donors quit shaving for the month of November in order to raise money for prostate cancer and associated other causes.  Sell t-shits, stickers and every other kind of product to support the effort and create one incredibly effective fundraising event!

#3 The Big Dig Campaign

Use instagram to show the real impact of donor's contributions toward improving schools, living conditions and providing water to thousands of Malawi citizens.  The fundraising campagin by WaterAid raised over $3 million.  

#4 Charity Swear Box

Encourage your donors to make a small contribution for every swear word they use on social media.  Organizations like BeatBullying have used this method to raise over $60,000 from their donors bad behaviour!

#5 How to Shock a Celebrity

Have celebrities watch morbid videos of causes your trying to solve and challenge people to watch the same videos after seeing the celebrity reactions.  It's a pretty simple idea that led to 300,000 video views within a week and generated ~$100,000 in donations for the charity.  


Hopefully these five unusual and successful charity fundraising ideas have inspired you to think outside the box to supercharge your fundraising efforts.  Stay tuned for more crazy good funraising event ideas and let us know if you have any comments or questions about the post or about Strength in Members!

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