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Get More from Your Google Ad Grant With This Planning Tool



Google Grants for Digital Fundraising

When looking at digital fundraising many organizations opt to take advantage of Google Ad Grants, a program which provides between $10,000 and $40,000 of free Google Adwords money to nonprofits to support their search engine marketing efforts.  In order to qualify, most organizations must be located in one of the supported countries, must be a nonprofit and must submit an application to Google.  There are some restrictions with Google Ad Grants, for example, your bid for clicks cannot be higher than $2, you can only run text ads (no videos or images), and they only appear on Google Search results pages.  However, if used properly, for certain organizations, Google Ad Grants can tremendously drive fundraising or advocacy efforts.

Unfortunately, Google Ad Grants don't work well for all organizations.  

Although the program can be tremendously successful, for some organizations, low conversion rates and high setup costs can mean that a free $10,000 in ad money actually doesn't lead to increased net donations for a nonprofit.  Weird right?

SO, how do you know if your organization's Google Ad Grant campaign is profitable?  Do you know how profitable?  Are you able to accurately estimate how much a new campaign could raise?  


Fortunately, we have put together a Google Ad Grant Model specifically to help!

The model allows nonprofits using or interested in using Google Ad Grants to understand the costs and returns associated with their campaign.  It also allows organizations to play around with different variables to determine how they can optimize their campaign to generate the most revenue.  Finally, the model also comes with default statistics we generated from surveys showing the most common Google Ad Grant setup times, conversion rates and costs-per-click.

Click HERE to download the Strength in Members Google Ad Grant Model

We will continuouly update the model overtime and if you have any feedback please send us an email to info@strengthinmembers.com to let us know your comment or concern!




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