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I've found that sometimes when we are so focused on building a new audience, we look right past our current one.
Our current audience can give us lots of insight into what others might want from us.
We use a bunch of audience insight tools; and, you should, too.  Insight tools take an audience asset (like your email file, social fans, or Website visitors) and find compiled and public information about those people. Insight tools summarize this information, telling you whether your audience is full of "well connected liberal singles" or "wealthy urban mothers with children." 
One of those great tools is built into a platform called Attentive.ly. With Attentive.ly you can load your email file and Attentive.ly will go find things like the age, gender, location of your audience members.  What's more, Attentive.ly helps digital marketers like you by searching for people's social accounts and presence on over 100 social networks. Once Attentive.ly makes these connections, you can listen to what they're saying on platforms like Twitter, then target them with direct messages, emails, and display ads asking them to get involved in your cause.
All of this information is immensely helpful as you develop programs to find new supporters and engage the ones you already have. Are there lots of moms on your file? Great, give them something that makes raising kids easier. Are there tons of outdoorsy animal lovers on your file? Sweet, send them something that helps them hike better with their dogs.
Here's a freebie for you.  Because we think Attentive.ly is so useful, we asked them if we could introduce three of you to their platform. Luckily for you, they said yes. So, we can give five of you a free Attentive.ly audience profile for up to 5,000 of your email addresses PLUS a concrete, actionable idea for driving your next 10,000 leads.
Want your free audience profile PLUS a lead gen idea, no strings attached?  


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