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Six Key Ways to Optimize Your Fundraising Email Campaign

Optimize your fundraising campaign

When using an email campaign to fundraise, you know that just a slight improvement in open or click through rates can make a huge difference in the success of the campaign.  Unfortunately it is often unclear exactly how nonprofits can optimize their emails.  

SO, we wrote this post in order to help you cut through the noise and take advantage of the low hanging fruit in order to improve your campaign, get more donations and do more to help your charity's cause.  

Step 1: Personalize the Email

One of the quickest ways to increase donations is to personalize your emails to the potential donor.  This works because it creates a more genuine connection than your average mass email.  If you can find a way to include any other specific information and improve that connection, all the better.  

Step 2: Include a Relevant Image

Surprisingly, just including an image in your email can dramatically increase your conversion rates. If you don't have an image that specifically goes along with your email consider using a stock image from a website like Pexels.

Step 3: Make Possible and Encourage Sharing

One of the quickest, easiest ways to improve donor giving is to encourage donors to bring you more donors.  Include a few social sharing buttons in your email and consider including a line that explicitly encourages people to send the campaign to their friends, colleagues or family.  

Step 4: Make Your CTA Highly Visible Even Obnoxious

One of the absolute easiest ways to increase your conversion rate is to make your call to action more prominent.  Consider using a button or large text.  Even consider putting multiple call to actions within each email.  If you want to really have an A+ email fundraising campaign, consider A/B testing different calls to action to determine which is most effective.  

Step 5: Use a From Address Your Users Will Recognize

Studies have shown that sending emails from addresses that your donors don't recognize or trust is detrimental to open and click through rates.  We recommend that you use an email your donors are familiar with or if it is a cold email, consider using an email address that sounds familiar and that comes from the organization rather than an individuals email address.  

Step 6: Send at the Appropriate Time of Day 

So many great campaigns don't perform as well as they could just because they are not sent at the right time of day.  The ideal way to figure out what the best time of day is to send test emails and measure the conversion rates.  However, if that's not feasible, another good solution is to send your emails on Thursday at around noon which according to statistics run by Mailchimp is the best time.  For more info check out the post on Mailchimp showing the insights they found from analyzing the emails they send.  

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