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Low Hanging Fruit: Nonprofit Social Lead Generation Guide


Convert your nonprofits social leads to your email list

Like most nonprofit marketers, I'm sure you have a presence on social networks like Facebook and Twitter. And, like most nonprofits, I bet you have a strong following of loyal fans and followers. BUT, would it surprise you if I told you that you're only actually emailing a tiny percentage of people who have identified as your fans and followers on social media?

I have looked at millions and millions of email records across dozens of nonprofits. And, I've found that AT BEST only 25% of an organization's email audience is following them on Facebook. What's more, only about 4% of an organization's email audience is following them on Twitter.  

Although this may seem like bad news, it's not.

The GREAT new is that you have a tremendous opportunity to quickly and easily generate new leads at a very low cost. In my experience, 80% to 90% of social media fans who sign up for an organization's email list are completely new to file. That means, we've never seen their email before; nor have we sent them direct mail.

This guide will help you achieve the same results we've seen with lots of other organizations. Inside, you'll learn the precise method we developed to help organizations create information products, promote them on their social media profiles, and get thousands of people to sign up for email.  

This guide will help you:

  • Get Organized: Keep a list of the many MANY lead sources you have, when you acquired the names, and how much money you invested in acquiring them.
  • Track Performance: Enter the dollars raised and actions taken by people from each lead source on a monthly basis.
  • Assess Return: Compare fundraising and advocacy performance for each source. This will allow you to decide to fish or cut bait on acquiring names from any given source.

Let us know if you have any comments or questions about the guide or if you would like help converting your leads over to your email file!


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