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March 16, 2016

Here's Who Won the Pass to the National Tech Conference

Hey folks! 

Quick blog post here to announce the recipient of the NTEN pass giveaway.

We received forty eight entrants. Thank you all for entering.

Here's how we found the winner.

Round One: The randomly selected first recipient was Jackie Y. from Immigration Equality. She can't make it from NYC to San Jose, so we went to round two.

Round Two: The randomly selected second person was Monica A. in Oakland. She, it turns out, had another meeting come up. So, round three...

Round Three: The randomly selected winner (believe it or not) is TJ of Griffin Strategy Group.  TJ has confirmed he can make it, so we're 100% he is the recipient.

Congratulations! Looking forward to seeing you at the NTEN NTC next week in San Jose!


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