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Low Hanging Fruit: Reactivate Lapsed Donors

This is the same strategy that direct mailers have been using for decades.   It’s incredibly simple and effective because it targets an audience that has already found your organization, knows what you do, and loved it so much that they already wrote you a check. It’s time to remind them that your cause has not gone away, and their support is as important now as it was back then.

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Maybe We Shouldn't Talk About Content Marketing

As much as I've loved them, the words "content marketing" are starting to bug me.
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Native Advertising: The Hottest Thing Since Myspace

Scrolling through the Forbes.com editorial stream, you get stuck on an enticing headline, “Fueled by Skepticism.” You’re led to a slick, interactive page showing quotes from skeptics, contrasted by facts of accomplishment. You learn about space exploration, automobile evolution, food invention, and the emergence of personal tech, with engaging little quizzes interspersed. Where did this fun little piece come from? What is it doing on Forbes.com?

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Nonprofit Marketing Solutions: Comparison Chart

February 11, 2016

In this series, we're bringing you excerpts from our Nonprofit Marketing Technology Guide. These pieces are best take together BUT we wanted to share some of the more salient, foundational concepts to help people refine how they thing about their technology. Grab a full copy of the guide, here. 

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