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How to use your Google Ad Grant to save money and pick winning ad creative across ALL Media

December 29, 2017

Late last year, we ran ads for a children’s cancer research organization through an untested native advertising platform.  In our case, the platform we used would place small pictures with a single headline on the sidebars or “other suggested topics” of websites ranging from the local news station to CNN and ESPN.  Native is a relatively new form of advertising, so we wanted to know what type of results we should expect from it.

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Google Ad Grants: 3 Easy Wins, 1 Common Fail


Seriously, do it.

It’s far too much value to pass up – $10,000 per month in free AdWords for qualifying nonprofits. Applications may take up to six months, but this gives you time to come up with what to do with your new $120,000 advertising budget.  If you’re worried about your eligibility or application, SiM is happy to help you apply.

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Expert Interview: Jeff Yin and the State of Google Ad Grants

Jeff Yin is the man behind SiM’s Google AdWords campaigns. He has an outstanding record (like, perfect) of maxing out Google Ad Grant budgets for countless SiM clients.

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Back to School: Use Your Google Grant Effectively

First things first – get a Google Grant.

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