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Applying Lessons from The Dog Tag Experience at your nonprofit | Value First In-Action: Part II

This is a followup from Value First In-Action Part I: How a World War II Hero Made a Supporter Out of Me. Read that post first to learn how the National World War II Museum seamlessly integrates museum experiences with their supporter asks. Then come back here to learn how to apply this to your organization.

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Dear Jamie: How Do I Invest on a Tiny Budget?

Last week, when I put a call out for peoples' questions about nonprofit marketing and audience growth I got TONS of responses.  We got so many that I'm excited to say we are starting a new “Dear Jaime” series of blog posts and emails. We hope that sharing these ideas will spark healthy conversation for all of us to advance our missions.

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Low Hanging Fruit: Make the Most of Your Google Ad Grant


This is the lowest hanging fruit for any and every nonprofit.  Let me rephrase – this fruit is lying on the ground, never goes bad, and is waiting to be picked up and enjoyed by each and every nonprofit marketer.

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Low Hanging Fruit: Nonprofit Social Lead Generation Guide


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