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Native Advertising: The Hottest Thing Since Myspace

Scrolling through the Forbes.com editorial stream, you get stuck on an enticing headline, “Fueled by Skepticism.” You’re led to a slick, interactive page showing quotes from skeptics, contrasted by facts of accomplishment. You learn about space exploration, automobile evolution, food invention, and the emergence of personal tech, with engaging little quizzes interspersed. Where did this fun little piece come from? What is it doing on Forbes.com?

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Five Great Charity Websites to Study

December 7, 2015

Spending the time and effort to develop a great charity website can be a huge step toward increase fundraising and growing your audience.  Furthermore, considering how hard non profit marketing can be, its important that when someone finally does browse your site that they are able to navigate easily, learn more about your organization and are able to donate.  Below are five examples that meet all three of these criteria and push the boundaries of what a charity website can be.

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The Importance of the New .NGO & .ONG Domains

April 30, 2015

Benefits of new .NGO and .ONG domains

As consumers and donors to our favorite causes, we all look to organizational websites to validate and verify that the donations we choose to make are going to best-in-class organizations. Now, the Public Internet Registry, has created a verified domain name for nonprofit organizations, especially those with international scope. By registering your domain name under “.NGO” or “.ONG”, domain extensions created specifically for nonprofit organizations, your donors will recognize that your organization has been verified by the Public Internet Registry as an NGO. Think of it as the global equivalent of a Guidestar listing.

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